Aluminium Alloys

Ingospec specialise in manufacturing high grade aluminium casting alloys, predominantly for the Automotive, Aerospace and General Engineering industries.

Due to our small batch sizes we have flexibility within our Production process, which enables us to produce a wide variety of specifications of different or even the same alloy to suit any Customer’s requirements.

Our Process

Our melting facility consists of 2 x 1.5 tonne Electric Induction furnaces, powered by a 1000 KW VIP unit.

The benefit of electric melting, rather than melting using conventional fossil fuels, is that this method of melting produces less oxides, dross formation and hydrogen pick up.

Ingospec also differ from other smelters in that once the charge has finished melting, rather than pouring directly into ingot moulds, the melt is transferred to a holding furnace, where a Nitrogen rotary degassing treatment is carried out.

Once poured the finished ingots consistently contain very low oxide and hydrogen gas levels, thus providing the Foundries with a product to produce high quality Castings with.

The small furnace size also gives us extra flexibility within our production process, enabling them to produce a wide range of tailor made specifications to meet Customer’s needs, rather than standard alloys.

Ingospec have recently invested in a brand new casting track with 140 ingot moulds, poured via the “star wheel” method.

All of the alloys can be manufactured with modification with Strontium(Sr) or Sodium(Na) to any required levels.

Alloys produced are as follows

BS1490 LM Series alloys:

LM4 - This alloy is widely used and is suitable for most general engineering purposes including cylinder heads, crank-cases, junction boxes, gear-boxes, clutch cases and switch gear covers where moderate mechanical properties are desirable.

LM5 - The alloy is used where very high resistance to corrosion from sea water or marine atmospheres is required, for equipment used for the manufacture of foodstuffs, cooking utensils and chemical plant, and for castings required to exhibit and maintain a surface of high polish.

LM6 - This alloy has a high resistance to corrosion and excellent castability, it is most suitable for marine applications, watercooled manifolds and water jackets, motorcar and transport fittings. It is especially suitable for castings that will need to be welded together.

LM9 - This alloy is used where the fluidity and corrosion resistance of LM6 are required with high strength and hardness. It is equally suitable for sand and permanent mould casting and is extensively used for low pressure castings, for cover plates and instrument cases.

LM16 - This alloy is used for water-cooled cylinder heads, valve bodies, water jackets, cylinder blocks, fire hose couplings, air compressor pistons, fuel pump bodies, aircraft supercharger covers and similar applications where leak-proof castings having the high strength produced by heat-treatment are required.

LM24 - has excellent casting characteristics and is generally a little simpler to die cast than the higher Silicon containing alloys. Die castings in LM24 are suitable for most engineering applications and have an advantage over an alloy such as LM6 when maximum mechanical properties are required.

LM25 - This alloy is mainly used where good mechanical properties are required in castings of a shape or dimensions requiring an alloy of excellent castability in order to achieve the desired standard of soundness.

LM27 - is a very versatile alloy and, with its excellent castability, is suitable for most general purpose castings , such as general engineering components, domestic and office equipment, household fittings etc

LM31 - This has very good shock resistance and is suitable for shock resisting components. It is used for general engineering castings, particularly large sand castings.

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