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ZL3 Datasheet

Zinc Alloy ZA3 – a general purpose alloy, ZL3 is primarily used for producing castings for a variety of applications on a hot chamber pressure diecasting machine. The alloy’s mechanical and physical properties make it ideal for use in castings for the engineering and automotive industry, household equipment and utensils, office equipment, builders’ hardware, locks and toys. ZL3 is easily machined, buffed, polished, lacquered and electroplated for decorative or functional purposes. When designing a stressed component using ZL3 designers should refer to the alloy’s properties, at elevated temperatures, after natural or artificial ageing and the alloy’s creep properties.

Alloy Designation ZnAL4 Colour code White + Yellow
Short designation ZL 3 Alloy Number. ZL0400


Supplied in diecast form. As Cast Aged
Tensile strength 283 MPa 241 MPa
Yield strength 221 MPa
Impact strength 58 Joules 56 Joules
Elongation 50mm 10% 16%
Shear strength 214 MPa
Compressive yield strength 413 MPa – MPa
Fatigue Strength 48
Hardness BHN 500Kg 82 max 72 max


Melting range 381 - 387 degC
Density 6.7 g / cm 3
Coefficient of Thermal expansion 27.4 um/m deg C
Thermal Conductivity 113 W/m deg C
Electrical Conductivity 27 % IACS
Electrical Resistivity 6.3694 u ohm-cm at 20 degC

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