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ZL5 Datasheet

Zinc Alloy ZA5 – ZL5 is generally used for castings that require moderately higher strength and hardness and where dimensional stability is not an important criterion in the product application. ZL5 is often specified for automotive applications in Europe. The alloy contains copper as specified alloying element, this promotes marginally better casting properties than the ZL3 alloy and improves mechanical properties. The nominal 1% makes the alloy more expensive and therefore its use should be restricted to applications requiring its higher properties. ZL5 will accept any finish specified for ZL3. When designing a stressed component using ZL5 further reference should be made to the alloys properties, at elevated temperatures, after natural or artificial ageing and the alloys creep properties.

Alloy Designation ZnAL4Cu1 Colour code White + Black
Short designation ZL 5 Alloy Number. ZL0410


Supplied in diecast form. As Cast Aged
Tensile strength 328 MPa 269 MPa
Yield strength 221 MPa
Impa ct strength 65 Joules 54 Joules
Elongation 50mm 7% 13%
Shear strength 262 MPa
Compressive yield strength 599.8 MPa
Fatigue Strength 56 MPa
Hardness BHN 500Kg 91 max 80 max


Melting range 380 - 386 deg C
Density 6.7 g / cm 3
Coefficient of Thermal expansion 27.4 um/m deg C
Thermal Conductivity 109 W/m deg C
Electrical Conductivity 26 % IACS
Electrical Resistivity 6.5359 u ohm-cm at 20 deg C

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