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ZL8 Datasheet

Zinc Alloy ZA8 – ZL8 is designed to extend the application range of zinc alloy diecastings. In the past zinc alloys were considered unsuitable for applications where moderate stress was anticipated at elevated temperatures. ZL8 was specifically developed to improve the creep resistance and offer the best creep resistance of all the pressure diecasting alloys. It should be specified for structural or stressed applications for which other zinc alloys would be unsuitable. Although the strongest of the hot chamber alloys, it all has all of the properties associated with zinc diecasting alloys.

The combination of higher strength, excellent dimensional stability, good surface finish and definition make it ideal for visible stressed parts which are subject to elevated temperatures during service. Finishes suitable for traditional pressure diecasting alloys can be applied to ZL8 castings with the same excellent results.

Typical applications for this alloy are under bonnet automotive parts, stressed parts for hazardous or mining applications, stressed electrical or computer parts microwave guides etc.

When designing a stressed component using ZL8 further reference should be made to the alloys properties, at elevated temperatures, after natural or artificial ageing and the alloys creep properties.

Alloy Designation ZnAL8Cu1 Colour code White + Blue
Short designation ZL 8 Alloy Number. ZL0810


Supplied in diecast form. As Cast Aged
Tensile strength 374 MPa 297 MPa
Yield strength 290 MPa 225 MPa
Impact strength 42 Joules 17 Joules
Elongation 50mm 8% 20%
Shear strength 276 MPa 227 MPa
Compressive yield strength 252 MPa 171 MPa
Fatigue Strength 103 MPa
Hardness BHN 500Kg 106 max 91 max


Melting range 374 - 404 deg C
Density 6.3 g / cm 3
Coefficient of Thermal expansion 27.4 um/m deg C
Thermal Conductivity 109 W/m deg C
Electrical Conductivity 26 % IACS
Electrical Resistivity 6.5359 u ohm-cm at 20 deg C

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