Zinc Alloys

Zinc alloys are sometimes referred to as mazak and are strong and tough. Rarely beaten for mechanical properties by other cast materials such as aluminium, magnesium, brass and plastics, they perform well under conditions of high impact and impulse loading with excellent wear characteristics. Their high ductility allows zinc diecastings to be formed after casting and allows for easy joining operations. They have good thermal and electrical conductivity and will accept a wide range of plating finishes with ease. Zinc alloy is also fully recyclable.

ZL2 is a Zinc based alloy which can be used for hot chamber pressure diecast components or gravity casting. Used for small castings where hardness and high tensile strength are essential, the high copper content of this alloy can reduce the dimensional stability.

ZL3 is primarily used for producing castings for a variety of applications on a hot chamber pressure diecasting machine. The alloy’s mechanical and physical properties make it ideal for use in castings for the engineering and automotive industry.

ZL5 is generally used for castings that require moderately higher strength and hardness and where dimensional stability is not an important criterion in the product application.

ZL8 is designed to extend the application range of zinc alloy diecastings. In the past zinc alloys were considered unsuitable for applications where moderate stress was anticipated at elevated temperatures.

ZL12 is a 12% Aluminium – Zinc alloy which conforms to EN 1774 1998. It has been developed for use as a general purpose foundry alloy. Its unique properties enable it to be cast using any of the conventional gravity casting processes.

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